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Crown Warehouse and Delivery Service's pricing is all inclusive. Services included in the price of each item are: warehouse receiving, inspection, minor deluxing and 30 days of storage and delivery.
Upholstered Items
Chair Wide/Long $45
Chair Lounge $40
Chair Occasional $25
Chair Recliner $45
Chaise $50
Loveseat $50
Loveseat Sleeper $80
Ottoman/Bench $35
Sofa $65
Sofa Oversized $100
Sofa Sleeper $100
Wedge Section $45

Table weight is calculated with all the components of the table together, such as leaves, bases, tops, etc. If you do not know the weight, think of the weight categories as small, medium, large and extra large. If you have questions on how to quote, please contact us. Table pricing includes 10 minutes of assembly time.
Small Table up to 60 lbs (occasional, accent, end, 1 person could deliver) $35
Medium Table 61-100 lbs (console, cocktail most likely will have wood tops) $50
Large Table 101-150 lbs (dinette, large cocktail, large console, most likely will have marble or glass tops) $80
Extra Large Table 151-200 lbs (dining table, oversized cocktail, extra large console, etc.) $140
Table Over 200 lbs (conference room, extra large dining table) Quote

Bed pricing includes assembly.
Bed Bunk $195
Headboard only $75
Bed Platform $195
Beds $100
Matt/box King $85
Matt/box Queen $65
Matt/box Twin/Double $50

Glass, Marble & Mirror
Glass/Marble/Mirror Top up to 25 lbs $20
Glass/Marble/Mirror Top 26-40 lbs $40
Glass/Marble/Mirror Top 41-75 lbs $55
Glass/Marble/Mirror Top 76-100 lbs $75
Glass/Marble/Mirror over 100 lbs Quote

Miscellaneous Fees and Additional Services
Additional Fee $150/hour
Guaranteed Delivery Time $35
Minimum Delivery Fee $85
No Show / Cancellation Fee $75
Out of Area - 25-40 miles from Crown Warehouse $40
Out of Area - over 40 miles from Crown Warehouse Quote
Pickup fee from other locations (if in the area) $35
Shipping/Packing Fee dependent on size of box Quote
Storage after 30 days for each 8'x8'x4' section $55
Warehouse Assembly Hourly Fee (over 10 minutes) $60
Filing Freight Claims Administration Fee $45
Case Goods
Case goods are predominantly priced by weight. All items are weighed without the packing to ensure accuracy in pricing.
Armoire/Ent Center/Bookcase/Curio up to 150 lbs $100
Armoire/Ent Center/Bookcase/Curio 151-300 lbs $150
Armoire/Ent Center/Bookcase/Curio over 300 lbs Quote
Dining Chair/Stool $20
Desk up to 100 lbs $55
Desk 101-150 lbs $80
Desk over 150 lbs Quote
Dresser up to 100 lbs $50
Dresser 100-150 lbs $75
Dresser over 150 lbs Quote
File Cabinet up to 40 lbs $30
File Cabinet 41-75 lbs $50
File Cabinet 76-150 lbs $75
Night Stand/Commode up to 75 lbs $35
Night Stand/Commode 76-100 lbs $50
Night Stand/Commode over 100 lbs $75

Accessories (lamps, floral arrangements, etc.)
There is a 2-tier price structure for accessories, etc. It is very time consuming to open, inspect and assemble accessories. We do not assemble chandeliers. We will call you when accessories are received to confirm which price structure you desire.
  Open, Inspect, Assemble & Deliver Receive & Deliver Unopened Only
Accessories $20 $15/box
Lamp (Chandelier) Small N/A $40
Lamp (Chandelier) Large N/A $60
Lamp (Chandelier) Extra Large N/A $100
Lamp (Floor) $35 $15/box
Lamp (Table) $30 $15/box
Lamp (Wall Sconce) $25 $15/box
Pictures up to 48" $40 $15
Pictures over 48" $50 $15
Shades $5 $5/box

Up to 5'x8' $15
5'x8'-8'x10' $50
8'x10'-9'x12' $75
9'x12'-10'x14' $125
Moving furniture to place rugs $150/hr

Rug Pads
Up to 8'x10' $15
Over 8'x10' $50
Moving furniture to place rug pads $150/hr

Will Call/Client Pick up from Warehouse
We strongly recommend that clients only pick up small items they can easily handle for their safety and the safety of the item. We will help your client load their vehicle, but your client is ultimately responsible to ensure item is properly secured. Client should provide their own blanket or padding. Our liability for the item being loaded ends when the item is removed from our dock. Please make sure your client is aware of this prior to picking up.
Warehouse Receiving Fee $15 each
Will Call/Loading Fee ($25 minimum) $100/hour
Warehouse Receiving Fee for crated items $30
Disposal Fee for crated items $25 each
Shrink Wrapping items $10 each